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Single & Dual Leaf Gate

Privacy Gate

Barrier Arm Gate

Cantilever (Rolling) Gate

Vehicle gate systems are the perfect solution for CDD/HOA community entrances, company parking lots, and residential driveway access. Clubhouse solutions designs, installs, troubleshoots, and maintains a multitude of vehicle gate systems.

We offer a variety of vehicle gates including but not limited to single and dual leaf vehicle gate, privacy gate, barrier arm gate, and cantilever gate systems. These gates are manufactured in an assortment of designs, colors, and finishes.

Our vehicle gate systems has a variety of methods to open the gates such as Smartphone App, RFID vehicle tag, remote control, vehicle bar code reader, numerical pin pad, & license plate recognition,

In addition to our Vehicle Gate Systems, Complete I.T. Alarm also offers up to 8K resolution camera systems and license plate recognition systems.

Numerical Pin Pad Entry

The HID card reader’s weatherproof design and architecturally attractive enclosure allows easy mounting indoors or out. Great solution for vehicle gate systems.

Smartphone App

Tap a single button to gain access to the vehicle gate system & clubhouse doors. Have one credential for access to multiple facilities and building amenities. Use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation. Protect high-security areas with two-factor authentication already built into smartphones.

Available for download at the Apple Store and Google Plate Store

RFID Vehicle Tag

RFID by AWID is a wireless solution with a variety of RFID tags. From license plate holders, to interior cabin visor clip-on, to behind the rear view mirror sticker. Securely open the vehicle gate system with this simple to use access system.

Remote Control

When you upgrade any IP camera with our software, you gain an immediate edge. Find the exact vehicle you are looking for using our advanced search features. Gives you the ability to accurately read multiple plates across multiple lanes at high speeds. With every free update we make major improvements to the accuracy and efficiency of our Ai algorithm.

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